I was at the butcher this morning picking up an order of pork rind for the mister's Nam when I spotted a "Goat Pack" in the frozen section. It might work well for a Massaman recipe I've been working on. Somehow a whole frozen wild rabbit also made it into my basket before walking out the door. I've never cooked goat or rabbit before. This should be interesting.


Fish Sauce...Vegemite o.O

I had a craving for Thai omelette tonight. Easy. Thinly sliced onions, fried, pour eggs whisked with fish sauce over top on a high heat until egg is puffy and serve on rice. Yum. I did something sacrilegious though, I sprinkled cheese on top and then folded the omelette over. As unlikely as fish sauce and cheese sounds, it actually worked. Which got me thinking - maybe I could substitute vegemite instead of fish sauce in some recipes. Hrm. TBC.